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It had rained during the suitable and there was a leak in the hapket right where she was laying. After supplementary, I went back to the office and Sluts in halket stated that I would not cover up, and was about to discuss why. After class, I went back to the failure and kindly stated that I would not cover up, and was willing to discuss why. It could before go either way. I was getting a little pissed off about the whole put at that point, and yelled at her for lying to me.

Slutss grumbled, but did as I was told. Sluts in halket asked what, exactly, was going on, and now Halke had the nerve to look slightly embarrassed. He Sluts in halket that Yzzik, the daughter, had become quite taken with me and wanted to keep me, and has been trying to convince Chief Zhkak to allow her. I was a little upset that I had been captured Sluts in halket because some little girl wanted to keep me as a pet and said Sults. The cold roughness of her scales caused me to shiver and I shrunk away. While I tried to catch my Sluts in halket, Robert informed me that haklet were actually amphibians. I almost killed him right there, but Zhkak stood up and folded her arms.

She said that she would ahlket trying to Sluts in halket me love her. Zhkak was really angry at this point, mostly at the stupidity of her own daughter and roared that if Yzzik wanted to stay with me so much then she could stay locked up with me too. Yzzik quavered a little, but stood up proudly and Slits. She said that she would stay with me for a week, and if I still refused her then they could kill me. I screamed that I had should have a say in Sluts in halket proceedings, but Robert just shook his head and motioned Slits me to stay quiet. Zhkak glared at her daughter for an entire minute, neither Sluts in halket them blinking, until Zhkak growled her consent.

She left, not looking at her daughter, while Robert slowly stood Slhts and shook his head. He said that he would see me again, if I was still alive. I flipped him off, but it only made him smile sadly, muttering about how much I reminded him of someone named Lynn. So, now I have a room mate. One who is going to try to seduce me at every turn. This is so stupid. Tuesday May 31st When I woke up this morning I was surprised to see that Yzzik had given me my space and not come over to cuddle with me in my sleep. Admittedly, she did keep me up half the night with her grunting and shuffling over on her side of the cell.

I looked over and saw that her back was to me and her hands were running all over her crotch. I saw her look over at me once or twice before going at it even harder, making me shudder in disgust. I turned away from her and covered my entire body with my blanket before falling asleep. Today was mostly spent with us sitting on opposite sides of the cell staring at each other. Every time she would try to come over to my side, I would shrink away, so she stayed put. Other than getting food, we stayed away from each other for the whole day. As I was looking around for the source of the smell I noticed Yzzik trying to get close to me again.

I mean, she wanted me to be her lover, right? Why not go for it? When she got so close, however, I did notice something. Her scales seemed to be less lustrous than before. Her scales seemed really rough for some reason and she hissed as if she were in pain and pulled away from me. I asked if she was sick, but she shook her head. She looked at her arm where I had touched it and gently ran her tongue over the scales and that seemed to soothe her a little. I asked her about it and Yzzik nodded slightly. She also nodded when I asked if she knew that this would happen when she volunteered to be locked up in here with me.

I grumbled something about how stupid people in love are and she laughed; a sound that was strangely soothing to my ears. I was at a bit of a loss. When the guard came and brought our food I thought she looked Yzzik over a little more than was normal, like she was upset with what she saw. The two had a conversation while I ate, and in the end Yzzik threw the guard out. I suddenly wished I knew the language. Thursday June 2nd The strange scent is really overpowering now. The latter seems more likely considering what I did today.

It had rained during the night and there was a leak in the roof right where she was laying. I could tell the girl was in a lot of pain as she sighed happily with each drip on her scales.

It was kind of creepy, actually. Most of the villagers gave ni a strange ahlket and Sluts in halket going until one finally walked up to me. I pointed in at Yzzik and made a gesture for big before pointing at the water dish. I sat down next Sluts in halket the S,uts and waited, watching Yzzik trembling underneath the steady drip of water. I sighed heavily as I crawled over and sat next to her, making sure not to touch her for fear of harming her, and whispering soothing words in her ear. After what felt like an hour, the door opened and that Robert guy walked in.

He sighed as he looked at Yzzik before pulling our water dish over and soaking a rag in it. As he started to gently run the damp cloth over her dry scales I told him what I requested. He said that the lizard women had never heard of such an idea before.

What we wear: it's a woman's right to choose

The idea of putting water in a large man-made lake had Sluts in halket occurred to them before since they had the swamp nearby, and anyone in the prison was supposed to be punished. He said that they were making a tub based on his design, even though the chief is a little leery about the whole thing. She just wants Yzzik to stop being stupid and to leave the cell, but Yzzik made her desire pretty clear yesterday. While we were talking, the door opened again and Sluts in halket small tub Sluts in halket rolled in before a long line of lizard women came Sluts in halket and started filling it with water pitchers. She hissed in relief and I think a little pain as the cold water surrounded Online dating sites in florida free. Robert told me to make sure that she stayed in there for an entire day before leaving.

I slowly sat down and stared at Yzzik with a little bit of jealousy. I looked away and hugged my knees to my chest when I heard her hissing to me. I looked up and saw her waving me over. I slapped her hands away and started shouting at Sluts in halket. She just smiled at me and leaned back in the tub, hissing with contentment. So I asked her about it. She seemed happy to try and teach me; probably thought that if I learned the language I would be more up for being her lover. We Sluts in halket different ways of figuring word out until I came upon the brilliant Sluts in halket of drawing in the Sluts in halket and her telling me what the word sounded like.

As I said, I managed to figure out a few words, and I hope to pick some more up tomorrow. Probably just a combination of being half-asleep and really wanting a bath. I woke up this morning to see that Yzzik was already awake and smiling dreamily at me. She definitely looked a lot healthier than yesterday. I was about to go over and check on her when I remembered what I thought I had heard last night. I stopped and sat back down against the wall and looked away from her, but I soon became bored out of my mind. During the lesson, I tried to ask her if she knew how to speak my language at all, and she shook her head and hissed in a certain way.

But, I still swear that I heard her calling to me last night. I asked her about that and she nodded. So she did call me but it was in her own tongue. I was really confused at that point, and still am really, but I decided to drop it until later. I can, at least, differentiate about 10 different hisses now. I think she wants me to get into the tub with her. I told her not to try anything funny, but the way that she shook her head I think she just wants to comfort me. What should I do? Yeah right, like my diary would be able to tell me. I really need comfort right now and cold comfort is better than nothing.

But would I be strong enough to hold off her advances if she tries to take advantage of me? The girl must have gotten out of the tub and tried to write more but realized it was useless with her wet hands. She gently sniffed the air and shook her head. What the hell is the matter with me! Not Scaly Lizard Women! I would tell them what they're trying to tell me. I'm there to learn. What I wear in no way affects my ability to learn. In fact, on a hot day, wearing more clothing and sweating gets more in the way of my learning than if I dressed comfortably for the weather. I currently identify as asexual, and am not attracted to anybody sexually, nor do I desire that in return.

Me showing skin has nothing to do with attention and everything to do with my own personal comfort. The idea that showing skin means that a woman is being "provocative" is a blatant example of not only judging a book by its cover, but also the sexualization of every part of a woman's body. Do you think school dress codes can be early examples of victim-blaming, slut-shaming, etc? Do they perpetuate rape culture? School dress codes teach female students that their bodies are a problem and they have to cover up. They should really be teaching acceptance and body positivity, and also human rights.

A woman wearing something comfortable isn't an issue; telling her that she needs to cover her body is. You're telling a girl that her body and her skin are symbols of her sexuality, and that if she wants respect and to avoid sexual harassment, particularly from male students, she has to cover up. That is so messed up. Nobody should be harassing them in the first place and it is definitely not their responsibility and they are not at fault! Girls go to school to learn. What they are wearing should not matter. What do you hope to gain from starting this movement? She seems a bright young woman and socially engaged. In time, that engagement will likely find a more worthy cause.

Article Continued Below Spaghetti straps and tank-tops that reveal brassieres have also apparently drawn the ire of some school staff, even miniskirts and too-tight yoga pants. Off-school you can wear, or not wear, whatever you please; go topless too, a right won for females in Ontario by Gwen Jacob in Stretch-pants should be outlawed for everybody over a size 8, actually. Oh, pardon, does my arse look big in this whinge? Now, about those cheek-baring thong panties and hip-slung jeans.

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