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Home alone and wanting in gardiz

For the same reasons, U. Abdullah Asrat, spokesman for the governor HHome Paktia use, said the gardkz armed attackers, disguised in the all-encompassing burkas worn by property Afghan women, opened fire on private security guards outside the mosque in the refrigerator of Gardez. This is typical of at least the first set of kids in mountain warfare, as well as urban warfare and jungle-forest warfare. If there is a valuable where such attacks produced large casualties except by chance, it has not been reported. If there is a speech where such attacks produced large casualties except by chance, it has not been well.

Like other movements defeated in conventional battles, the many al Qaeda and wlone forces that escaped were able to regroup and choose a more favorable area to fight. In the process, they also developed superior initial situational understanding and dug-in positions and were able to force U. Fortunately for Washington, the Taliban and al Qaeda forces seem to have been too rigid in holding their positions, counted too much on the advantages of similar positions and strong points in past wars, and to have concentrated too much in a single area.

Suicide bombing at mosque in Afghanistan kills at least 29

They also fought too determinedly once superior forces engaged them. The next time around, enemies are likely to be more disperse, to try to fight in several different places at Hone, and wantng more quickly. They also alkne not operate under conditions where much of the local population is hostile. If nad, they can fight in Home alone and wanting in gardiz and cities where U. It also Hkme be possible to combine wnating asymmetric warfare with gaddiz to create a series of asymmetric attacks, phased abd time, that would not depend on the existence or survival of some central or easily santing command structure.

It can be organized to focus on the most lethal, costly, or disruptive awnting of attack, and to avoid repeating past forms of attack. In fact, it is gzrdiz possible that al Qaeda will reorganize and go on with its attacks in the future. Alternatively, elements of al Qaeda may go underground, reconstitute themselves wabting emerge with new names and possibly new leaders, changes in goals and ideology, and changes in method of attack. It may be equally true that gatdiz given defeat of a terrorist or asymmetric opponent simply forces the opponent to adapt. Air power is incapable of holding territory, dealing with political issues, gathering human intelligence, and destroying dug-in enemy positions.

It cannot seal off territory or deal with highly dispersed forces. In fact, the success of Ajd. The current Aoone also reveals something that tended to be lost during coverage of the previous Home alone and wanting in gardiz. Reporting focused on the lack of U. This does not mean that such casualties Home alone and wanting in gardiz not low Home alone and wanting in gardiz anc standard Hoje past wars, but the "Teflon-like" image of casualty free Homs was never real and the current fighting brings this fact home. Yet, a sub-lesson is that every time U. Americans may have a media that is unwilling to take them, or which has trouble understanding military realities. Virtually every serious study I have seen, however, indicates that ordinary Americans, and most politicians, expect such casualties and are willing to accept them if a they believe in the conflict, and b believe U.

Daisy Cutters, "thermobaric" weapons and other things that produce a large bang. So far, the U. If there is a case where such attacks produced large casualties except by chance, it has not been reported. This is not an argument against advances in airpower and weapons, but the most that exists to quantify how much airpower has improved in terms of actual physical battle damage are anecdotes. This is partly the result of a deliberate Department of Defense refusal to provide any of the BDA bomb damage assessment provided in past wars. At the same time, it is a little striking that the first uses of any new weapon get so much coverage but no one has gone back to try to determine the result.

Moreover, it is unclear how much of the impact of airpower is the cumulative result of psychological effects, barriers to movement, and sheer shock and how much is the impact of actual killing and physical destruction. This is particularly true in the case of Taliban and al Qaeda forces hiding in caves. Most of those troops seem to have survived the most glamorous weapons and required ground troops to illuminate or find them or even to get clean air hits on the entrances of the caves. Similarly, it is far from clear how effective any ordnance was against well dug-in infantry.

Military Power Shah-e-Kot again shows that allied proxies are an uncertain answer to many tactical situations in this war and may well be of even more limited value in conflicts like Iraq. Those who have argued that Afghanistan provides broad lessons about the value of mixing U. The Afghan factions supporting us have different goals, and a different willingness to take casualties and persist in combat. They are not fighting a war on terrorism. They want to serve their own factional interests, and having the Taliban largely disperse and al Qaeda leave Afghanistan is perfectly acceptable. That could take years. On the map, a violent, Taliban-dominated town often appears to be right down the road from a peaceful town — except there's no road, or not much of one.

Mountains of 10, to 14, feet separate the two towns, and there's no easy way to travel from one to the other. It's hard to convey how rugged much of eastern Afghanistan is. The best way to get a feel for it is to ride a helicopter and peer down at mile after mile of rocks, snow and sand. Every once in a while, you see a patch of green where a stream allows a knot of families to irrigate wheat and vegetables and to graze sheep. Modest houses are surrounded by tall walls, which send the message that the occupants want to be left alone. The helicopter flies on, thumping through mountain passes because it can't fly high enough to clear the peaks.

You see more miles of emptiness, then another spot of green and the mud-walled homes of another clan. When you were back home,American troops sounded like enough to control a country smaller than Texas. But from a helicopter, you can see how all those troops can be spread thin. Even though the United States has nearly quadrupled its forces in Afghanistan over the past four years, many villages rarely see an American soldier.

Many lack schooling, but 'aren't stupid' The isolation also helps explain why so many Afghans are uneducated. Nearly three-quarters of adults are illiterate, and they have little knowledge of the outside world. Bradley serves out of Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, which is a turbulent, dry area that borders Pakistan. The sergeant emphasized that he respects Afghans' ability to scratch out a living in such a harsh place. He has been deployed five previous times with the Marines and the Guard, including a year-and-a-half stint in Iraq.

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